Agor Lavender Soft Exfoliaiting Feet Mask 7pairs.

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Milk Extract, Lavender Extract, Natural Plant Extract, and Vitamin E are added to Agor Lavender Soft Exfoliating Feet Mask, which is blended with milk fermentation products and natural plant extracts to gently exfoliate dead skin, roughness, and fissures, leaving your feet soft and silky smooth. Our foot mask hydrates the skin and is gentle and non-irritating.

Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, glycerine, ethanol, mandelic acid, lactic acid (2-hydroxypropanoic acid), milk extract, Melaleuca alternifolia extract, hydrolyzed zinc collagen, hydrogenated castor oil, shea butter, xanthan gum, lavender extract, and aromatherapy essential oil.

How to apply: 1. Remove the Foot Mask from its packaging, then cut it with scissors.

2. After drying the feet and cleaning them, apply the foot film. Gently press the film's outer layer into place before using the sticker to secure it.

3. Use your hands to massage the foot two or three times.

4. After 45 minutes, take off the membrane and rinse it with water.

5. Use once a week for 7 weeks to get the best results, and then wait at least a month before using it again for 7 weeks.

Storage: Keep items out of the sun's direct rays and extreme heat or cold.

1. If you have an open wound on your foot, avoid using this product.

2. A minor tingling or warming feeling is normal, but if it becomes intolerably uncomfortable, take them off, bathe your feet, and stop using them.

3. Avoid making eye contact. If contact does occur, do a quick water rinse.

4. Keep out of children's reach.

5. Avoid using your hands to peel skin when you detect it starting to peel. To achieve the greatest results, use Agor Shea Butter Body, Hand and Feet Scrub to gently remove the loose, hanging skin.